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  • A1: E.v.o.e ?I Don?t Wanna Give Up Your Love? (Leopardo Boom Boom Mix)
    A2: Exotica ?Fluteride? (5th Floor Mix)
    A3: Beat Foundation ?More?
    A4: Marco Erroi & Luigi Cordella ?Fututo Fluido?
    B1: Donato Dozzy & Rumi ?Flusso?
    B2: World Famous Martinez Orchestra ?Rushlight?
    B3: Edward?s World ?Fluting with my Mc?
    B4: T.R.A. ?Tribal Groove?
    C1: Baia Club ?Shine On? (Tides On The Bay Mix)
    C2: Riviera Traxx ?Parfume 1?
    C3: TC 1992 ?Funky Guitar? (Sure Shot Groove Mix)
    C4: Joe Montana ?Nimbus? (Tulbat Mix)
    D1: Anjuna Feat. Cirillo ?Anjuna?s Dream? (Magia Version)
    D2: Leo Rosi ?XTC (Walkin? On Milky Way Blvd)
    D3: Cosmo ?LaLaLaa?
    D4: Vienna ?Tell Me? (Innerspace Mix)
  • "]
    A2: Never Thought (Main Vocal)
  • A1: Kunta ft. Mauricesax
    A2: Formant
    A3: Be Someone ft. Bezzix
    A4: Mada
    B1: All I Do ft. Mauricesax
    B2: Bouncer ft. Mauricesax
    B3: New Cribs ft. Bezzix & Mauricesax
    C1: ITWT ft. Mauricesax
    C2: Jilter
    C3: Kush Love ft. Passion Deez
    D1: What If
    D2: Mild Fever
    D3: Bad Knees ft. Nephews
    D4: Nima
  • A1: Beauty Is Just Skin Deep
    A2: Ain't Nobody's Business
    A3: You're So Fine
    A4: I Idolize You
    A5: Cussin', Cryin' & Carryin' On
    A6: You Got What You Wanted
    A7: Bet'cha Can't Kiss Me (Just One Time)
    A8: Too Hot To Hold
    B1: I've Been Loving You Too Long
    B2: I Am A Motherless Child
    B3: It Sho Ain't Me
    B4: You're Still My Baby
    B5: Crazy Bout You Baby
    B6: I Better Get To Steppin'
    B7: We Need An Understanding
    B8: Bold Soul Sister