003 – Anthony Teasdale


A1: Tango De La Boca
A2: A Pavement in Palma
B1: Deep in the Forest Something Stared
B2: It’s 5am Somewhere
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Long-time house music producer, DJ and journalist Anthony Teasdale is back with a new four-track EP for London’s Pamela Records.

The lead track is ‘Tango de la Boca’, an uplifting house tune with an unforgettable piano line and a groovy disco beat. Named after the barrio of La Boca in Buenos Aires, the tango feel is supplemented with layers of percussion, electric guitar stabs and moody strings. So far, it’s been played in clubs and on the radio by DJs like Rocky, David Holmes and Richard Sen.

“I think this is the most uplifting record I’ve ever made,” says Anthony. “Hearing those piano lines come in on a club system is a massive buzz.”

Second up is ‘A Pavement in Palma’ – a chilled jazz-house track. Inspired by lazy afternoons in Majorca’s capital, its swinging beat is joined by electric piano chords, live bongos and a bassline you can’t help but move to.

On Side B, we set sail on the good ship disco for ‘Deep in the Forest Something Stared’. Opening with bucolic bird noises – referencing the title – the track adds ’80s-style bass, glockenspiel melodies and soothing strings. It ends with a haunting piano motif that’s well worth the wait.

Finally, we return to 2023 with ‘It’s 5am Somewhere’, which blends old-school Roland 909 drum beats with minor chord synth stabs and rumbling piano melodies – plus an atmospheric breakdown guaranteed to excite any dancefloor.

Anthony says: “The EP reflects the music I’m listening to at the moment – which goes from classic techno to uptempo disco-house (and lots of synth pop!). The fusion of beautiful, often brittle, melodies with percussive house beats sets these records apart. And they sound as good on a dancefloor as they do in headphones when you’re relaxing at home.”