20 Years Pig&Dan – Pig&Dan


A1: Get Closer To Me
A2: Hope Rework
B1: Dreamer
B2: Pandemonium
C1: The Hole
C2: Solitude
D1: Hell - Featuring Francesco El Catolico
D2: Deex
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Track listing

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Two decades at the highest level in this industry is a landmark really reached. Pig&Dan celebrate this major milestone with an immense, twenty-track album project ?20 Years: Pig&Dan? of which this eight track, 2 X 12? vinyl sampler cherry-picks some of the finest moments.

Released via their long-standing record label ELEVATE, the album delivers some of the duo’s most forward-thinking techno productions to date. It is a remarkable opus of intelligent, cutting-edge dance music from two artists who came together back in 2002 to form what would become one of the most prolific and globally revered acts in electronic music.

Unyielding in their commitment to originality, eclecticism and tradition, the album will feature an array of brand-new Pig&Dan productions, alongside a selection of new ‘update mixes’ of some of the duo’s most celebrated anthems.

Speaking about the twentieth-anniversary project Pig&Dan commented:

“It’s almost hard to take in that we are celebrating a 20-year milestone of producing and performing together. This project features an array of fresh unreleased euphoric productions that hold a sound that we hope represents our growth in sound. We’ve also included a selection of new, updated 2022 versions of some of our more celebrated productions from the last two decades. We really see it as more of a statement than an album, hence the fact there’s a track that represents every year on our musical journey.”