291out – Habbanera


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291out ensemble return on Fly By Night with another well orchestrated project by Riccio.
The latest release on FBNM, 291out – Habbanera is thematically inspired by the 1982 Italian film score, "No Grazie il Caff? Mi Rende Nervoso? ?No Thanks, Coffee Makes Me Nervous?.
It was originally composed by James Senese and directed by Lodovico Gasparini, ?Habbanera? has only previously been released on Senese?s self titled LP in 1983.
This four tracker includes two new versions of the main title theme ?Habbanera? and two remixes by the two Italian pioneers of house music and the balearic sound; Leo Mas and Fabrice.
291out ?Original Version? is a cover of the main score theme, which also features on Senese?s 1983 LP; the ?Alternate Version? is also taken from the movie, but from a different scene, which has the same melody of the opening theme but with a different rhythm, never having been released before and completely reassembled by 291out.
Leo Mas & Fabrice provide two different cuts, one pitched-down boogie slow jam and one 4/4 dance-floor banger.
291out are:
Luca ?Presence? Carini: Electric Bass
Tancredi Duccio ?Nagarrius? d?Al?: Electric Guitar / Mandoline
Floriano ?Maja? Bocchino: Electric Piano
Antonio ?Totem? Bocchino: Drums
Den Lacava: Saxophone