5 Songs – Shit Robot


A1: Breathe
A2: Superstar
A3: The System
B1: Hey Creep
B2: Every Little Bit Helps
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One of Ireland’s finest and DFA mainstay Shit Robot returns to James Murphy’s legendary label, seven years after his last release for the New York heavy hitters.

Four classic cuts from the twisted machine mind that is Shit Robot. Distinctively punk, daringly futuristic, with a driving heart that’s as warped as it is welcoming. Entrancing body music for basements and big rooms alike, featuring Suzi Horn (Prinzhorn Dance School) and Mutado Pintado (Warmduscher, Paranoid London) on vocals. Recorded in London with Al Doyle (Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem) and mixed by James Murphy for the DFA.

DJ support from Optimo, Ivan Smagghe, Justin Strauss, Heidi Lawden, and Horse Meat Disco