Achim Maerz – Experiments


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Hamburg's Achim Maerz arrives on DBA with an expansive twelve track package. Split across a 12" ep and a cassette, 'Experiments' is a collection of live, improvised house jams recorded in the summer of 2015 in the artist's home studio. The title refers to the fast and rough recording of the material, with the aim of catching a mood before process and self-awareness take over. Fans of Maerz' previous releases on the essential Wake Up! label amongst others will immediately recognise his trademark, ethereal house sound.
The 12" is available from the usual retailers, whilst the limited edition cassette is available from select stores and the DBA bandamp. The tracks on the cassette can also be downloaded for free from the DBA bandcamp, offering listeners a range of formats to combine both elements and complete the package.