Adrian Corker – Music for Lock Grooves


Inflow, Pt. 1
Inflow, Pt. 2
Inflow, Pt. 3
Outflow, Pt. 1
Outflow, Pt. 2
Outflow, Pt. 3
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SN Variations is pleased to announce its 5th release.Adrian Corker returns after a break living in Warsaw with two tracks composed for Lock Grooves recorded onto acetate,percussion by Sam Wilson(Riot Ensemble/Actress) and violin performed by Aisha Orazbayeva.The tracks also feature the piano of Mark Knoop and the voice of Josephine Stephenson.
A lock groove is one cycle of one groove on a record.This is 1.8 sec cut at 33RPM and 1.33 cut at 45RPM.Having used lock grooves on film scores for British film Waiting for You and The Have Nots directed by Florian Hoffmeister, Corker wanted to explore their potential further in a standalone more percussive release. He used the cutting lathe currently residing in the living room of The Exchange mastering legend Graeme Durham to experiment with different sounds cut onto acetate and then recorded over different durations back into a computer. These are combined forming frames for performances of violin, percussion and piano.
The record will be released on a vinyl pressing of 250 copies and download on July 5th

'Music For Lock Grooves is as much about fluidity as friction and restraint.It is precisely this dramatic dimension that makes it so captivating' The Wire
"These meticulously sculpted vignettes, rich in analog atmosphere, function a bit like film scores in their concision, but even the shortest pieces here pack a satisfying, self-contained wallop." Bandfcamp daily best of contemporary classical Peter Margasak

"The overall impression is one of mysterious wonder. The familiar vinyl ?pfft? is present, producing a sense of nostalgia. Rising chords nudge against needle clicks. The track disappears and returns, sporting new energy of a different duration. As the hisses return, noticeably louder, a giant drone rises like a behemoth." A Closer Listen