Adrian Corker – TIBSLC Re-Works of Since It Turned Out Something Else


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Constructive are pleased to announce our fifth release, reworks by TIBSLC of Adrian Corker's recent album 'Since It Turned Out Something Else'. Having met earlier this year when TIBSLC played at an album launch in London at Cafe Oto, Corker asked if they would be interested in taking the tracks as raw material to create a new set of pieces. The original acoustic worlds of the tracks, a combination of contemporary composition and electroacoustic techniques , are transformed into complex ever shifting digital landscapes
TIBSLC's work, who has been described by Boomkat as 'immersive synthetic environments and four dimensional ambient grit' is based in Leipzig and are one of the new generation of forward thinking electronic musicians..They have over the last few years released two lauded albums, 'Hypertranslucent' and 'Delusive Tongue Shifts – Situation based Compositions', both on the Manchester based label sferic.
Corker's recent album 'Since It Turned Out Something Else' was described as 'a shape shifting miniature opus' Peter Margasak/Best Comtemporary Classical on Bandcamp, and ' an ambitious proposition-a fusion of modern compostion and electro-acoustic techniques that sounds like Jim O'Rourke doing a Stockhausen.' Boomkat.

Leipzig's sferic-signed TIBLSC floats Adrian Corker's delicate electro-acoustic compositions into the clouds on this misty-eyed and Eno-esque remix set. Boomkat