Alder Ego – II (White vinyl)


Le Chant Des Sirènes
Blood Moon
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Helsinki-based drummer Joonas Lepp?nen introduces Alder Ego, his quartet formation bringing together four major talents from the buzzing Finnish jazz scene. Here, Lepp?nen is joined by trumpeter Tomi Nikku (of Bowman Trio), saxophonist Jarno Tikka and bassist Teemu ?kerblom.
Together they create forward thinking jazz music of the now: melodic, flowing, and full of surprises. The music moves forward naturally, carrying with it multiple levels of discovery. Lepp?nen's musical vision has cubist undertones, and the Alder Ego tracks takes unexpected turns yet maintain their melodic clarity at all times. Each member brings forth his soloistic prowess, with the frontline of Tikka and Nikku on sax and trumpet, respectively, shining through. That being said, this is small group jazz at its best: lean yet multilayered, melodic yet challenging, and ultimately based on teamwork with very rewarding results indeed.