Alessandro Magnanini – Someway Still I Do


Open Up Your Eyes
Livin' My Life
So Long, Goodbye
Secret Lover
Greetings From Here
But Not For You
Someway Still I Do
Stay Into My Life
L'Estate E' Qua
Something Fine
Blind Date Blues
Morning Light
Cried For You
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"Someway Still I Do" is a record enriched by the immediacy of pop, the quality of the arrangements, timeless music that echoes the glory of unforgettable soundtracks, the finest orchestral jazz and the great adult pop productions of the past. Today in 2019, exactly 10 years after its first release on CD, Magnanini's record is reissued on a special 2-LP version with two brand new tracks included on side D: "Cried For You" features once again Cousteau's singer Liam McKahey at the mic, while "Morning Light" is accompanied by Elisa Aramonte's smooth vocals, a new talent joining Magnanini's project "Someway Still I Do".