Ambiance II Fusion – Come Touch Tomorrow


I Dream Too Much
Come Touch Tomorrow
Don't You Ever Take Your Love
Samba Para Mi
Boy What a Joy
The Camouflage
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Freestyle Records are proud to reissue Ambiance II Fusion's mid-80s fusion rarity "Come Touch Tomorrow" – originally recorded in Hollywood CA October/November 1984 and released in 1985.
Following a yearly run of 4 albums self-released between 1979 and 1982, Nigerian-born saxophonist, flutist, and clarinettist Daoud Abubakar Balewa then took a few years off before returning with 1985's "Come Touch Tomorrow", the first of two albums issued under the updated name of Ambiance II Fusion. Combining the afro-spiritual jazz & be-bop inflected fusion of his earlier work as Ambiance, this record took the project into more modern & distinctly cosmic planes with the introduction of spacey pads and drum machines working alongside somewhat tighter arrangements and solid rhythm sectons. Of particular note here is the B1 track "Boy What a Joy" on which a sublimely funky synth & drum machine throwdown is presented in prophetically lo-fi fashion – recalling recent stylistic approaches from the likes of D?m-Funk among others.

Participating Musicians:
Stanley Dominguez – Guitars
Dr. Isacc Ford – Drums/Electric Drums
Ralph Rodriguez – Percussion
Juliian Breeton – Bass
Jardin Wilson – Bass
Lee Williams – Keyboards/Syntheziers
Daoud Abubakar Balewa – Alto & Tenor Saxophone/Percussion
Larry Dominguez – Alto Saxophone
Suzanne Daniels – Vocal Sounds
James "Kino" Cornwell – Keyboards
Randy Landis – Basses
Rick Smith – Percussion
Jim Lum – Guitars
Arnold Ramsey – Drums
Daoud Abubakar Balewa – Soprano Saxophone/Percussion
Recorded at Sound Images Recording Studios – Sound Images Entertainment Complex – North Hollywood, CA & Classic Sound Studios – Hollywood, CA. October/November 1984.