Antti L?tj?nen, Aleksi Heinola Quintet & Oaagaada – Lonna 2019


Art Deco
Bouncin' at the S.U.P
Ennakkotiedoista poiketen
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We Jazz Records presents "Lonna 2019", a nautical live album bringing together recordings captured at the successful concert series at the island of Lonna just outside Helsinki in July 2019. This is part 3 of the ongoing "We Jazz Live Plates" series documenting the label's live activity, "Lonna 2019" features inspired performances by Aleksi Heinola Quintet, Antti L?tj?nen Quintet East and Oaagaada. Drummer Heinola's quintet and the H?meenlinna-based quartet Oaagaada make their We Jazz Records debut with this release, while L?tj?nen is releasing his debut as a leader on the label in April.
"Lonna 2019" captures the easy-going feeling at the island series fittingly. Aleksi Heinola Quintet swings with their natural ability of making no-nonsense hard bop sound fresh in the contemporary setting. Antti L?tj?nen leads his star-studded Quintet East through a high-spirited rendition of Don Cherry's "Art Deco". Oaagaada charm with their deep DIY spiritual jazz. And somewhere just above the music, a seagull screeches, echoing a perfect sunny day at Lonna.
"Lonna 2019" released together with "Ateneum 2019", We Jazz Live Plates vol. 2, is an inspiring example of the active and high quality jazz scene in Helsinki.