Bakradze – Message From Home

Bakradze – Message From Home

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Bakradze – Message From Home

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Bakradze - Message From Home

A1 – Message from home: This four track slice of loveliness kicks off with an uplifting jazz number. Delicate almost Hawaiian guitar sounds that pluck along with a more traditional guitar roll sample, blended together to create a wondrous summer beach vista. The percussion is vibrant and upward feeling; with crisp hats that evolve through the tune and Skippy drum patterns create a great groove. The addition of subtle synth sounds and sparingly used vox sample make this a great start to the EP.

A2 – Wild, Wild: is coming from a similarly deep and Balearic place. Drifty guitar riffs that sooth your soul, great percussive elements that bring a smile to you face. The use of sounds here is done with a sense of real quality, every sound has its defined place and the overall vibe on Wild has a live feel to it. For you spaced out Jazz house crew this one is for you.

B1 – Fight: takes us down a completely different road. The track has an early 90’s feeling as far as the governing atmosphere is concerned. With a beat structure follows tracks of that period with a breakbeat esc vibe, snappy but not over powering and the groove will make you sway. The looped vox sample that screams of the older Nervous Records tunes of the day, and really does capture this moment in time to perfection. Great little retro piece that will get your old rave legs out of retirement, and will have you remembering the good old parties of yesteryear (Man I’m getting old saying that ha ha).

B2 – Pressure Control: follows where Fight left off. Superb retroisms are in full flow with this weapon. Smooth breaks that warm the heart, great synth sounds that rise and fall through the tune. This really is proper and well thought out in its conception, and really does give a modern interpretation of the past glory days of old. The breakdown in the track is reflective and when the beats kick back in neck snapping will possibly occur.

Bakradze has managed to capture magical moments in time without getting the cheeseboard out. Great tracks from start to finish and a must have for any old school crew out there, do not miss this EP.

a1. Bakradze – Message From Home

a2. Bakradze – Wild

b1. Bakradze – Fight

b2. Bakradze – Pressure Control

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