Bana Haffar – intimaa'


Ahl Al Samaa'
Save This Manual for the Future
Sit Still
All That Is Sometimes Not Considered
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Intimaa' ('belonging' in Arabic), is a documentation of pieces composed for Touch's 40th anniversary celebrations in Los Angeles and Santa Cruz in the Spring of 2022.

Pulling from ongoing research in weaving and textiles, the pieces are informed by the interchangeability of the weaver's process with the sequencing of sound ? from sourcing and preparing materials to be woven (recording, editing, and formatting samples), preparing the loom (programming the sequencer), and finally, weaving the cloth (playing back, manipulating, and recording the sequence).
In contrast to her previous work with modular synthesizers, Intimaa' was composed on a music tracker sequencer.
Bana Haffar is an electronic music composer working with the materiality of sound. Through research-creation, she works with sound design and sample based music sequencing as they relate to various non-musical systems.

In 2014 Bana, together with Eric Cheslak, founded Modular on the Spot in Los Angeles and in 2021 she co-founded the Beirut Synthesizer Center in Lebanon.
She is part of the ongoing Touch Mentorship programme