Barnaby Bruce – On The Continent EP


On the Continent
On the Continent
For the Cicadas
Other Worlds
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The sixth release from Hong Kong/Tokyo label Palms & Charms sees the return of Barnaby Bruce, and starts with a tale of daring escape. Hearing the approach of a loping synth, the protagonist checks the window: mysterious people are gathering outside his house! As a somewhat Gallic groove emerges, he and his girlfriend are in his car and heading south, driven on by the swing of the percussion. Will he find his deliverance On The Continent?

Next up, Ruf Dug steps in with a spacious electronic reggae-esque remix, leading up to a killer piano line which pushes the groove straight onto the Autoroute. Ces?t magnifique.

On the B-side, our erstwhile fugitive and partner awake by the side of a country road in southern France. A baguette, a bottle of wine and the sound of chattering insects. Oh, For The Cicadas!

As they head ever further south, they begin to reflect on what Other Worlds await them at journey?s end. On the car radio a band plays a curious but driving blend of disco and percussion, with a distinctly house-influenced melody. Cette musique les d?place.

Was it all just a crazy dream? Grab your suitcase, head to the coast and pick up a copy of this limited edition record to find out?