Been Dreaming / XTC – Odd Mob


A1: Odd Mob & GD Vandal – Been Dreaming
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Odd Mob returns with a kaleidoscopic new record ‘Been Dreaming’ and introduces his alter ego GD Vandal. As the first official release under this moniker for Brisbane-based Harry Hope, he sets out to combine the very best of Odd Mob’s banging basslines with the lo-fi, disco stylings that GD Vandal has become known for in his exclusive raw cuts.

Swirling with a mysterious ‘90s-tinged vocal loop, his flair for working a sample is on full display throughout ‘Been Dreaming’, which is both dynamic and determined to get you moving. Propelled forward by energizing percussive grooves and one tasty guitar riff working flawlessly in tandem, prepare to be magnetized to the dancefloor as Odd Mob’s signature juicy low-end takes over.

On the flip, the dance floor warper ‘XTC’, melding industrial leaning sounds with a thumping baseline and hypnotic vocal.

Whether it’s as Odd Mob or GD Vandal, or combining the best of both worlds, one thing is certain: there’s no doubt he knows how to craft an absolute banger.