Bienoise – To Be Banned from Rome (Main Theme)


To Be Banned from Rome
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Born as the score?s main theme of a contemporary dance piece, premiered in 2017 in Torino by the joint collaboration between C2C and Torinodanza Festival, Bienoise?s ?To Be Banned From Rome? finally sees the light of the day marking the first release of C2C Festival brand new music label. Recurring soundtrack of the Turinese festival?s main events as changeovers' music, ?To Be Banned From Rome? is an instant classic: a vivid dive into the live experience under the roof of Lingotto.
Teacher, co-founder of the radical improvisation label Floating Forest Records and music producer, Bienoise (real name: Alberto Ricca) mixes contemplative atmospheres and futuristic club sounds in his sonics, forged by his deep fetishism for instruments pushed to their limits and his interest in new internet genres, including memetic anthems and invisible niches.
The release is part of Stone Island Sound project.
Created in collaboration with Gang Of Ducks, artistic platform focused on record releases and editorial projects based in Turin.