Blakk Harbor – Krude EP [Splattered Vinyl]
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Blakk Harbor – Krude EP [Splattered Vinyl]

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Blakk Harbor – Krude EP [Splattered Vinyl]


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Blakk Harbor - Krude EP [Splattered Vinyl]

Release Date – 14th June 2019

Second release from Blakk Harbor the Greek Berlin based artist Angelos Liaros also sound designer for Native Instruments GmbH. Industrial mutated techno and soaring bleak drones nastily crafted by implementing analog synths through tube guitar amps and cabinets. Controlled feedback, pulsating organic noises & distorted sinewaves syncopates with unforgiving war toms and broken kick drums.

“Krude” proclaims a hostile harsh raw statement to modern economies, human morality and globalized system failure of a degenerated society in a never-ending downward spiral.

6 track EP featuring a remix from Positive Centre. Artwork by Nullvoid aka Trepaneringsritualen.

a1. Blakk Harbor – Death By Drone

a2. Blakk Harbor – Necropolitics

a3. Blakk Harbor – Pure Brutality

b1. Blakk Harbor – Vitriol

b2. Blakk Harbor – Mass Hypnosis

b3. Blakk Harbor – Vitriol (Positive Centre rmx)

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