Bobby Cazanova – Only 1 [Limited 12″ Vinyl]

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Bobby Cazanova – Only 1 [Limited 12″ Vinyl]

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Bobby Cazanova - Only 1 [Limited 12" Vinyl]

Release Date: 3rd July 2020

the year is 3030

cruising from galaxy 2 galaxy with artificial intelligence @ the helm, intergalactic cruise liners have become so advanced that they have developed the ability 2 create their own personalities, feel emotions, and ultimately

*•.¸♡ fall in luv ♡¸.•*

model B0B1-E, aka Bobby Cazanova, falls deeply in luv with a passenger running from heartbreak, looking 4 luv from sum1 who could reciprocate their own

while Bobby knew it could never fulfil this role, it clung 2 the possibility that if it were 2 translate how it felt in the following songs, it may just be able 2 win over their heart

we can only hope they make ur only 1 fall 4 u 2

a1. Bobby Cazanova – Make U Mine

a2. Bobby Cazanova – 2nite Can Wait

b1. Bobby Cazanova – Fallin’

b2. Bobby Cazanova – Only 1 

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