Brixia Sonora – Various Artists


A1: Cattaneo - Il Raggio (feat. Hamid Shahsavan)
A2: Giovanni Battagliola ? Askja
A3: Alessandro ?Petrol? Pedretti ? Paline
A4: Kick - New Try
A5: Luca Formentini ? Fili
B1: Eke - Draft Junk (Live Cut)
B2: Maniscalco - Canicola
B3: Materie ? Landscapes
B4: Chris Benoit ? Brokenspiel
B5: Corrado Saija & Giorgio Presti - Hypster Calling
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A sonic love letter to Italy?s 2023 Capital of Culture, Brescia-Bergamo. Harnessing a creativity and energy without genre, boundaries or filters, Rebirth blends together independent musical paths, which were valid but otherwise fragmented, into a collective and identity project called ‘Brixia Sonora’ – a tribute to the Brescian music scene in its many facets and declinations.

An image of a city and its atmosphere. A photograph that may be imperfect, potentially blurry, yet alive and authentic. Pulsating. Incorporating multiple inspirations and influences: noise, minimalism, breaking the mold; weaves and beats, polyrhythm and polymetry, glitch music and organic music; and yet electronic fractals, jazz effusions, house beats, Balearic sunsets, post-metropolitan downtempo, other forms of rock. A cocktail of hybridizations that, under the direction of Rebirth, finds a balance on the edge of the unexpected, despite its diversity, infinite facets, and multiple identities.

Exploring the musical landscapes of the protagonists: Giovanni Battagliola, Paolo Cattaneo, Chris Benoit, Eke, Luca Formentini, Kick, Alessandro Pedretti, Corrado Saija e Giorgio Presti, Maniscalco, Materie, Matteo Gamba, Mattia Fontana. Solo projects, bands, collectives, DJs, and producers – a crossroads of generations and multitudes within which everyone has carved out their own space. ‘Brixia Sonora’ symbolizes a period of dialogue and exchange – from exchanging ideas to sharing passions, syncopated beats and new impulses, leading to the evolution of what is yet to come.