Bronze Teeth – A Waif's Rent


Albion Pressure
Cut Bronze
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Bronze Teeth bite back with a 2nd EP of bony, hardware-driven techno fizz for Diagonal, housed in another blinding sleeve by Guy Featherstone. Cut from the same electrifying sessions which yielded their debut 12", 'A Waif's Rent' follows suit with rolling, driven momentum and caustic electronics. A-side they jack up 13 minutes of dense, roiling techno with the atonal, unrelenting wormhole of 'Albion Pressure' primed for DJs who like long, hypnotic mixes. B-side, 'Cut Bronze' bustles and twitches to a more off-kilter, Afro-centric coda with woody drums eaten away by metallic synth animations, whereas 'Tephra' tips out with skin-peeling electronics and tussling drums recalling recent wreckers from Powell and Russell Haswell.