BROT 03 – Felix Leifur
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BROT 03 – Felix Leifur

BROT 03 – Felix Leifur

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BROT 03 – Felix Leifur

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BROT 03 - Felix Leifur

In this third chapter of the BROT series we wrap up the trilogy from the Reykjavk based producer Felix Leifur who has genuinely showcased his incredible set of production skills throughout the yearThese last five BROT tracks move the sound to another spectrum where Felix plays around with his traditional sound But this time the tempo is high and the strong influences from old school breakbeat and jungle shine through Felixs BROT ties up the first BROT series with flair and this one will surely not be the last one Stay tuned for more BROT action in DJ SupportDINA Nachtcrew Molten Moods Boarding Gate Another killer release from Felix Leifur exactly the sound I was looking for wowDave Clarke white noise radio Like number love Reykjavik tooLukas Wigflex Wigflex Very sick Brot is doing itLaurent Garnier F Communications Pure QualityCiel Discwoman very interesting workJames Zabiela Hearing Aid Excession Brot is some nice Boards style wonkiness Ill take thatBTraits In Toto LOVE the BROT series Downloading on behalf of BTraitsreni relax great atsmospheres Laksa Illian TapeTimedanceMistry killer lots of cuts ill playShy One RinseFMBalamii sickAcid Mondays RampS really like thisDarko Esser Tripeo Balans Clone Even though its not what I play I really really enjoy this record AmazingJASSS very niceBenjamin Damage Weapons Ten Thousand Yen Friends Of Friends Lets Play House Really nice workPhotonz Radio Quantica UTTU Love all of thisTred EMissions Amazing EP Have been playing a bit of Felixs stuff of late Sounds great pitched up and down too super nice toolsAli Berger Spectral SoundFatCatClave House Brot is pretty coolMosca has that good good shufflePLeone Work Them Records Rekids EMISSIONS niceCaldera WNCL Boogie Box Patterns Been enjoying the series this one is really good as well big upKorea Town Acid Cosmic Resonance love this artistDJ Leeon aka ELO Video Club Bogota Again great record Been playing all of the recordsJulia Govor Cocoon BodyParts Hypertone really nice really reallySignificant Other SPEC Awesome collection of tracks that work well together fav is Brot beautiful progression and really playful breaks David Martin Dimensions Soundsystem SolidCabasa Eddy Larkin radio this brot series is so good

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