Carioca – Mistérios da Amazônia


Canto Dos Pescadores
Homenagem A São Salvador
Lamento Do Recife
Manhã Oriental
Mistérios da Amazônia
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* Debut album of artist compiled on the acclaimed Outro Tempo compilation of Brazilian 80's contemporary music.
* Fully licensed reissue, original artwork and sound straight from the master tapes. Comes with 4-page insert with extended liner notes in English and Portuguese.
* Recorded in Rogério Duprat's (Tropicalia's maestro/producer) Studio Vice-Versa.
* Ayahuasca connections which puts it for some folk under the label of Shamanic music.
* Featured in Gilles Peterson's "Best albums of 2019" list.

Carioca's debut 1980 album, Mistérios Da Amazônia, demonstrates his early mastery of innovative musical forms – blendingMPB, psychedelic folk, and even spiritual jazz sensibilities into experimental song structures incorporating instruments like the zither and tabla. Though Carioca may now best be known by collectors around the globe for his piece on Music From Memory’s “Outro Tempo” compilation – his work spans over thirty releases and various other pieces for theater, dance, and film – and Mistérios Da Amazônia is a singular musical journey though Carioca’s very first brilliant experimental musical expressions.