Cassius Select – 90 / Herd

Cassius Select – 90 / Herd

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Cassius Select – 90 / Herd

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Cassius Select - 90 / Herd

Released 21st April 2017

Next up on Accidental Jnr are 2 club ready tracks from Sydney producer Cassius Select that straddle genres somewhere between techno, bassline and hardcore. 90 is a gurgling brutal post-dubstep wobble fest at a house tempo whilst HERD offers up Select’s trademark idiosyncratic vocal snippets wrapped up in most broken and shuffled of techno rhythm .

Cassius Select lives in the undefined sonic boroughs of the hardcore continuum. His first EP explored the grittier end of techno under Australian label Hunter Gatherer followed by a 12″ of unstable rhythm workouts under DJ Haus’ UTTU label. The Toronto native is hell bent on inciting movement in the most unorthodox ways. Sonics crush genre-defining sounds into a pastiche of cryptic one liners and side eyes. Drums that invoke an impossible sense of swing and momentum. Most importantly Select’s sound defines itself on the mission to deconstruct the world around him,to level out the playing field so everyone can have a bite. This year, Select joins with UK imprint Accidental Jr. to release a two-track fury of sound that snarls with every grimace.

a. 90

b. Herd

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