Celebrity Clouds – kordz & Natalie Beridze
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Celebrity Clouds – kordz & Natalie Beridze

Celebrity Clouds – kordz & Natalie Beridze

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Celebrity Clouds - kordz & Natalie Beridze

“Celebrity clouds” is compiled of four songs, which have been produced and recorded in 2018. It’s an online collaboration of Alexandre Kordzaia (kordz) and Natalie Beridze. These two came up with the concept of the record uneventfully, after recording their first track “Celebrity clouds”. Beridze’s lyrics came out completely irrelevant to Kordz’s music, that adopted a flair of humor and sarcasm to it. After that, they decided to stick the line of weird lyrics on top of synth, piano and ambiance recordings, played live by kordz. Musical ideas belong to kordz. Beridze would complete the tracks, adding few instruments (or none, in some cases), wrote lyrics and recorded vocals.
The artwork of the vinyl, made by Georgian artist Thea Djordjadze, resembles the concept of the music nonetheless. As though having nothing to do with neither celebrities, nor their clouds, it shows the sadness and the beauty of half-molten candle.

Alexandre Kordzaia aka kordz is a Georgian composer. After moving to Switzerland at a young age, he professionally studied piano and drums, audio design and recording acoustic music. shortly after he started producing electronic music.
Kordzaia is currently studying in Hague, Netherlands, where he is accomplishing his master’s degree in composition. He releases on labels such as: Prrrrrrrr Records, Medschool Records, Hospital Records, Majestic Casual Records. Kordzaia also writes for acoustic instruments and orchestras with live electronics: for the Junge Norddeutsche Philharmonie, the Georgian Philharmonic Orchestra, the Residentie Orchestra (The Hague), the Dortmunder Philarmoniker, the Zagareli String Orchestra, the Nieuw Ensemble (Amsterdam) and Kluster5 (The Hague). To pack his music into popular categories is not easy: “His music is a mesh of carefully balanced oppositions: deliciously snappy transients punctuate shimmering soundscapes, gently morphing into funk; a melancholic post-soviet feel pays sentimental homage to a private vision of the 80s. Acoustic instruments sit side by side with analogue synthesizers and drum machines; field and foley recordings blend the recognizable into the fuzzy and surreal.

Natalie Beridze (tba) is a Georgian music composer and songwriter, considered a pioneer of Georgian electronic music. She has released over 10 records on labels such as Cologne based Max.E, Berlin based Laboratory instinct, CMYK, Chainmusic, CES Records and Berlin’s Monika Enterprise, which has become her main label. Beridze’s collaborations include: Thomas Brinkmann, AGF (Antye Greie), Gudrun Gut, Joerg Follert, Marcus Schmickler, Nika Machaidze aka Nikakoi, Sonae, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Gacha Bakradze, Alex Kordzaia.
Beridze works on music for acoustic instruments, orchestra and choir.

Her recent work – “Mapping Debris” was written for Swiss “Mondrian Ensemble” piano and string trio and electronics, performed in Zurich, in 2019.

Beridze collaborates with a Georgian string ensemble “Zagareli and strings”, composing pieces for electronics, strings and viola.

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