Chiara Civello – Sono Come Sono


Sono Come Sono
Sono Come Sono
Sono Come Sono
Sono Come Sono
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Four Flies is proud to present a new, exciting single by internationally acclaimed Italian singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Chiara Civello. Co-produced with Neapolitan pianist, beatmaker and producer Dario Bassolino and with lyrics by Civello and Sicilian artist Kaballà, “Sono Come Sono” is the first Italian adaptation of the Brazilian song “Olhos Coloridos”, a celebration of diversity, mixed roots and inclusion written by Macau and made famous by singer Sandra de Sa. To respect the spirit of the original and its soul-funk sound, Civello decided to produce the song in Naples, a city with many similarities to Rio de Janeiro, including its multicultural history. The result is an irresistible eighties-inspired boogie-funk track brimming with positivity and joy.
“Sono Come Sono” comes out on 21 October 2022 as a 12” VINYL MAXI SINGLE containing the song plus three fantastic remixes by eclectic Neapolitan DJ/producer Whodamanny that add groovy and tribal influences to the mix and further enhance its dancefloor potential.
Civello’s adaptation has been praised by the writer and singer of the original, as well as by another great name in Brasilian popular music:
“Cada Qual com seu Cada Qual, e muito Respeito pra Liberar Geral…” Chiara has expressed this idea truthfully, beautifully and with dignity. I’m very excited, proud and happy! This is a fantastic version of “Olhos Coloridos”. “Limitar…, é humilhar o Infinito…” Thank you, sister” – Sandra de Sá
“Chiara, I couldn’t contain my emotion when I listened to your Italian version of “Olhos Coloridos”. Beautiful vocals… a beautiful brass arrangement… pure black-Rio! You put colors into my eyes and light into my soul with your magical performance, I have no words. I must really thank you for the joy you gave me. “somos o que somos”, Olhos Coloridos, Sarará Crioulo”” – Macau
“Another smooth and super groovy creation by Chiara Civello, this is a perfect Italian version of the classic Rio de Janeiro soul-funk song, “Olhos Coloridos”, made famous by Sandra de Sá. It respects the spirit of Black pride contained in the original lyrics but adds to it new sounds and meanings. Well done, Chiara!” – Nelson Motta