Chrysanthemum – Erik Deutsch
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Chrysanthemum – Erik Deutsch

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Chrysanthemum – Erik Deutsch

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Chrysanthemum – Erik Deutsch

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Chrysanthemum - Erik Deutsch

Piquenique Recordings is proud to present Chrysanthemum two spontaneous pianoimprovisations by composer and bandleader Erik Deutsch directed sculpted andaccompanied by Spencer ZahnSparseness beauty and freedom define Deutch and Zahns creative output which was formed over a mutual admiration for Thelonious Monks Solo Monk LP With his first soloimprovisational recording in a year career Deutsch combines his extensive experience in the freemusic realm with inspiration from the likes of Alice Coltrane and Bill EvansThis release is part of an ongoing series that aims to capture the New York City jazz scene in its current always evolving formImprovisation is the main form of communication between NYC jazz musicians the purestmost direct path to the essence of another creative spirit Ive ventured down that road inhundreds of jam sessions over the past few decades and made lifelong friends in the processYet somehow when its time to get in the studio one tends to lean towards precomposedmaterial with an idea in the back of your head that the studio freeimproviser is a different kind of cat than oneself perhaps with a different artistic integrity or maybe even lacking materialFuck that Im glad to take the plunge and I say with all honesty that nothing could feel better in this moment Erik Deutsch

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