CITY1 – Butterfly EP
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CITY1 – Butterfly EP

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CITY1 – Butterfly EP

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CITY1 - Butterfly EP

Release Date: 27th May 2022

Back on DNO for the first time since 2020, CITY1 delivers four more darkling cuts for shaking soundsystems to their core.

On opener ‘Ohmu’, the combination of wind and string instruments brings a folklorish quality to proceedings. Set alongside the heavyweight surge of an 808, it’s as if CITY1 were soundtracking something ancient, colossal and bewitching — which isn’t far off, considering the tune takes its name from monstrous bugs in the anime, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.

‘Jalidi’ is even more cinematic, with mournful strings that make way for a sparse marching rhythm backed with repetitive chanting and propelled by a relentless, lumbering drone bass. While on ‘Sifuri’, CITY1 sets his sights firmly on the dancefloor. Here, the deep hum of oscillating subs, plenty of dub echo and eerie squeaking stabs that hop about the stereo field provide a surefire way to keep bodies moving.

The EP’s final foray, ‘Butterfly’, presents contrasting ideas linked by a stalwart beat. It begins in spine-tingling fashion, with a discordant lullaby and crusty old vocal sample leading to a menacing dubstep stomp. But the real surprise comes with the introduction of a fluttering guitar riff that juxtaposes the rapid-fire kicks and brooding sonics found elsewhere. Switching back and forth throughout the duration, the parts reflect the unsettling alien oddity of the chrysalis and the fragile, temporary beauty of the creature that emerges from within.

A fine return from the Tokyo-based producer and another superb curation from the DJ Mag award-nominated Brighton label. CITY1’s ‘Butterfly’ EP arrives on 12” vinyl and digital on 27th of May 2022.

a1. CITY1 – Ohmu

a2. CITY1 – Jalidi

b1. CITY1 – Sifuri

b2. CITY1 – Butterfly

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