Concentrate / Get Up – Willie Tee
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Concentrate / Get Up – Willie Tee

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Concentrate / Get Up – Willie Tee

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Concentrate / Get Up - Willie Tee

One of the most rewarding things about this business is when we get the chance to re-release some true works of art which were previously hindered by their lack of availability. Plus, you KNOW that we LOVE every Willie Tee record we come across anyway. This time we’re delighted to make available another double-sided slice of New Orleans niceness.

“Concentrate” is Willie at his mellow best with the Gaturs on this incredible 1980 recording, which really highlights just how great he was. On the flip, is a brilliant piece of New Orleans Mellow Funk which matches the sound of Roy Ayers for pure quality. Original copies of this record are not currently available anywhere for any amount of money. That’s how ridiculously rare the original Gatur copies are. We have a great track record with Willie Tee and long may it continue! One of the best double-siders you’ll ever be likely to hear and an absolute gas to get to reissue. Spread the joy. Another biggy!

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