Daega Sound – Daega Sound EP

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Daega Sound – Daega Sound EP

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Daega Sound - Daega Sound EP

Release Date: 28th August 2020

The far west has long been known as hollowed ground for Dub Reflective arts, from the birth of Reggae and subsequent Jamaican diaspora to the more recently developments that ultimately informed Dubstep. Many key figures have emerged on the left coast of the USA throughout these developments in Culture and Roots-centric Dubstep, with key among them being the surfacing of LoDubs, and its rise near the advent of the sound in 2006 serving to inform and cement Dub’s true DNA at a time when the field of those carrying the torch throughout the region could be counted on a single hand.

Within this formative time period of the first wave of Dubstep those to the north of LoDubs land where also involved in spreading the sound, with one of the key bright lights being Daega Sound of Vancouver BC. Known far and wide for their live PA’s and blistering exclusives weaved into them, it was always on the list for LoDubs to team up the with these two fraternal soundmen. That has finally been realized in the form of the two originals on this EP, “Gatekeeper” and “Second Strike”. Adding to that is the don of all dons Kromestar remixing the former with a creation that deftly piles the elements of the original into a swirling ominous tempest in which low, mid, syncopation and jungle-esque flourishes lay waste to the dance. All together a symbolic tome from three veteran stalwarts of the sound, still on top of their game.

a1. Daega Sound – Gatekeeper

a2. Daega Sound – Second Strike

b1. Daega Sound – Second Strike (Kromestar Remix)

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