Dego – Love Was Never Your Goal


Take Me Away
Start Again
En Route
Catch The Sun
Proxima Centauri
Warp 7
Jubilation Light Years Away
Don't Stall
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Dego is back with a brand new album entitled ''Love Was NeverYour Goal''. In the last few years he blessed us with ''Too Much'' and ''The Negative Positive'' long players and this feels like a continuation of his constant redefinition of modern Soul music. A fusion of inspired and sophisticated vocal songs featuring 2000 black's own Samii and futuristic instrumental compositionspenned with the help of comrades like Kaid Tatham, Matt Lord and Mr Mensah, the record reaches a hard to obtain balance between organic and more electronic landscapes. The sublime notes introducing Samii's always inspired voice on ''Take Me Away' set the tone of the album, wich has some quirkier twists with jams like ''Proxima Centauri', the '2 pageish' masterpiece''Warp 7'' and the relentless funky ''U.N.I.A.''. ''Catch The Sun'' could be a clear example of these worlds colliding and creatingthis beautiful and unique sound that only Dego and his 2000 black ensemble are able to create?Soul music at its best!