dgoHn – Undesignated Remixes [3×12″ Vinyl LP]
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dgoHn – Undesignated Remixes [3×12″ Vinyl LP]

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dgoHn – Undesignated Remixes [3×12″ Vinyl LP]


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dgoHn - Undesignated Remixes [3x12" Vinyl LP]

Available From: 8th July 2022

Undesignated remixes is an expansive project containing 12 remixes of tracks from dgoHn’s iconic 2020 full-length by some choice artists from in and around the Love Love sphere. Remixes that take dgoHn’s unique razor-sharp original productions and send them through a loop and round the twist, some stripped down, some messed up, most but not all maintaining the speedier tempos that dgoHn likes to work around. The result is a collection of seriously futuristic electronic music with some stylistic leanings towards labels like braindance or drumfunk or jungle but completely genre-eluding as a whole, reshaped from the minerals of the original LP by some absolute dons of their craft.

Opening the album Equinox does a fantastic job highlighting the lushness of ‘Puppet’ layering sky-high sunshine pads before sliding into Meat Beat Manifesto’s heavy sci-fi acid dub version of ‘Daisy Takes Two’. A woozy remix of ‘Lucky Gonk’ by Macc & dgoHn marks the first new material from them as a duo since ’09 and Wisp also makes a rare appearance bringing his inimitable post-rephlexian vibes on an agonisingly wonderful, melody-heavy remix of ‘Electryon’. Skee Mask’s choice of remixing ‘Robin’s Windmill’ turns the original into a bundle of writhing rhythms organically unfolding with swelling ambient tones. Homegrown heroes Rognvald & Scrase both opt for pumped up post-breakcore in unconventional time signatures while Djrum emphatically provides the LP’s dose of peak jungle choppage, tempering the drum breaks of ‘Ninnyhammer’ with a blistering amen. Also featured on the LP are crisp and beefy drum workouts courtesy of Coco Bryce and Forest Drive West, visceral and apocalyptic half-time bass from Activia Benz affiliated duo Quavis and virtuosic noir-jazz tearout from fellow East-Anglian Carl Brown.

a1. Puppet (Equinox Remix)

a2.Daisy Takes Two (Meat Beat Manifesto Dub Selection Remix)

b1. Stachybotrys (Coco Bryce Rework)

b2. Lucky Gonk (Macc & dgoHn Remix)

c1. Electryon (Wisp remix)

c2. Lucky Gonk (Forest Drive West Remix)

d1. Turnips Are OK (Rognvald Remix)

d2. Conty (Scrase Remix)

e1. Ninnyhammer (Djrum Remix)

e2. Robin’s Windmill (Skee Mask Remix)

f1. AF0156984 (Quavis remix)

f2. Invisible Sandwich (Carl Brown’s Pea & Mint Mix)

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