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Ice Age
I Wish
La Classe
African Snow
Tea 4 D.K.
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Don Karate is the project of Italian multi-instrumentalist Stefano Tamborrino. This is the second album under the project, and its first as a trio.
Alongside Tamborrino on drums and vocals the trio features Pasquale Mirra on vibes and Francesco Ponticelli on bass (all three also play keys). Independently each member of the group is accomplished and acclaimed within the Italian jazz scene, and together they represent more than three decades of experience. Among others they have collaborated with Mop Mop, Oumar Tour?, Hamid Drake and Enrico Ravva and have toured Europe and America.
The music is a detour from the jazz world these musicians normally inhabit towards jazz's modern descendants, namely hip-hop and electronic music. Think thick hip-hop grooves and electronic/cinematographic melodies.
Don Karate is the Italian take on the new jazz sound that has been emerging over the past few years between Los Angeles, Chicago and London.