Earl Jeffers – A Library Excursion


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Past, Present, Beyond
Energy Flow
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For our next Excursion, we’re off to the library. In search of library records that is – you know the type, the crazy rare records used for soundtracks and such and such. We have a sick selection of synthed-up beats and pieces chopped together by one Earl Jeffers, making the most out of his international library digging card* (*not a real thing).
For those that don’t know, Cardiff’s Earl Jeffers is one half of Darkhouse Family, regular family at our sister label, First Word, on which they released their debut album ‘The Offering’ late last year. Earl is a prolific producer in his own right, also releasing over the years under the aliases Chesus and Metabeats on labels like MCDE, Fat City and Local Talk, collaborating with artists like Byron The Aquarius, Action Bronson and Kamaal Williams / Henry Wu, turning his hand ably to house, hip hop, jungle, jazz and more. All this in addition to running his own label, Mélange Records.

A dedicated digger and record collector first and foremost, Earl has provided us with a quadruple set of heavyweight stuttery sci-fi boom bap. In Earl’s words: “This record was mostly inspired by my penchant for the more electronic / synthesized jams, mostly replayed from the original compositions then thrust in to 2028 and beyond….”

12” vinyl is available on Excursions on June 8th 2018.