Echolog – Longest Summer [CD]

Echolog – Longest Summer [CD]

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Echolog – Longest Summer [CD]


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Echolog - Longest Summer [CD]

Released 29th June 2018

Limited Hand Stamped and Numbered CDR

This new LP is a beautiful series of time digger tracks that offer, each time, a meticulous and ethereal amalgam of chords and melodic motifs. They deploy themselves throughout a grand and playful dance, organically – but precisely – pulsing in the front line, transmuting from tone to sound and vice – versa, alternatively, gently.

The reverb guitar and dynamic drums might as well set up for a light – headed and nostalgic journey; however, one is seriously involved in a deep trip to holographically arranged music, radiance, into contemplative fragments.

Elongated tones and desynchronized perpetual chord canons get the forty-five minutes rolling, within which blurry strings and drum slide and extend. Composed chanting runs alongside cinematic melodies, and teach each other features.

Singing lines dissolve in soundscapes, soundscapes travel through digital and analog instruments to utter. Each track is the expression of its characters in certain aspects, it unfolds rather than develops, in such manner that melodies seem to have barely enough time to settle. What leads to take off is the actual take off, which makes it a true master piece for presence. Not one listen is – should be – the same.

Add to that a few ecstatic cadenza sneaking in the underlying and powerful classical music legacy in the otherwise adventurous, psychedelic ambient opus, and you’ve got your pass, visit eleven barometer portals to rimstones of vibrant matter.

Otto Johansson – Guitar, Synth, Electronics. Recorded and mixed at home – Winter, Spring, Summer 2017

Additional mix and pre-master by Linus Giertta – Fall 2017

Mastering Andy Miles @ Stardelta

Support: Norman Nodge, Golesworthy, Severino Panzetta, Tom Ravenscroft, Pathaan, Sean from Balamii and Benji B

1. Seasoning

2. Ghosts

3. Quire

4. Longest Summer

5. Transmission

6. A New Leverage

7. Mosh Music

8. Sierra

9. Take A Chill Pill

10. Echoes

11. Drifts

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