Ecotone – Under His Eye
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Ecotone – Under His Eye

Ecotone – Under His Eye

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Ecotone – Under His Eye

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Ecotone - Under His Eye

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Dame-Music is proud to present this 4 track album sampler for Ecotone’s debut LP ‘Under His Eye’! For the labels 38th release, Bloody Mary has hand picked this ground breaking LP from the new artist out of Berlin.

Ecotone is a project that blends electro, techno and IDM into their detailed and futuristic sound. Drawing on influences from the various works of Gerald Donald and James Stinson as well as IDM and Artificial Intelligence-era techno, Ecotone is putting their own spin on these classic musical tropes.


DJMag Premiere – ‘Envy’

Resident Advisor – ‘Greed’

DJ Feedback:

Leftfield (Leftfield) – wicked first track

Umwelt (New Flesh) – Big Electro vindustrial Release !!

Dave Clarke (white noise radio) – Lust works for me (as a track 😉 )

Randomer – enjoying gluttony!

Alienata (://about blank, Discos At nicos, Kat Channel) – Totally in love with this one!

Anastasia Kristensen (Nous Disques) – Lust is so nice

Cardopusher (Zone / Boysnoize) – Loving this EP, specially Lust and Gluttony, Dame Music is releasing serious stuff !

Henning Baer ((Grounded Theory)) – Love it! All killer!

Marco Effe (Break New Soil, Prism) – Nice mood!

Yotam Avni – loving this !!!! love from tel-aviv

Roi Perez (Panorama Bar, Ostgut Ton, Berlin) – nice! 🙂

JP Enfant (De School / LET Recordings) – Envy and Sloth are hot!

La Fraicheur (Infine) – Those are really fucking cool tracks! love the bass drives and the eerie sound design! will try them all and can’t wait for the full album. Hats off

Elena Colombi (NTS) – Envy! *****

Derek Plaslaiko – “Envy” for me. Thanks!

P.Leone (Work Them Records, Rekids, E-MISSIONS) – very cool

Stephanie Sykes (Vent) – Trippy!

Sapphire Slows (Kaleidoscope, Nous Disques, Not Not Fun) – quite industrial. I like the first track.

Laksa (Illian Tape/Timedance/Mistry) – envy is my vibe

Chekov (Peach Discs/Cong Burn) – Sloth is wicked!!

re:ni (re:lax) – breaky bangers for the club!

DJ Leeon a.k.a. ELO (Video Club Bogota) – Great record!!

Blasha & Allatt (Meat Free) – Will play Lust & Envy

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