Educator (John Daly Remix) – Southbound Sounds


A1: Educator
A2: Keep It Movin
B1: Educator (John Daly remix)
B2: Upstairs
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One of Ireland’s finest exports, Deeper Grooves look to Cork for their next release, as Southbound Sounds join the family with a four tracker of sumptuous deep house featuring a remix by John Daly.

Comprised of Alan Keane and Greg O’Connell, Southbound Sounds have a penchant for the grooves emanating from the hallowed grounds of Chicago, New York City and Detroit, yet laced with a distinctive Cork character. Deep house done right, the A side holds ‘Educator’ and ‘Keep It Movin’, the former a punchy, lights down low groover, with the latter channeling a basement body vibe.

On the flip John Daly digs deeper, serving up a hypnotizing remix of the title track, before ‘Upstairs’ rounds out the package bringing that sun-kissed, hazy house feeling – perfect for a warmup or warm down.