Egoless – Decolonize / Global

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Egoless – Decolonize / Global

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Egoless - Decolonize / Global

Released 3rd August 2018

The moment we’ve been waiting for. Youngsta’s Sentry Records continues to set the pace and raise the standard with one of the most sought-after artists in the current Dub and Dubstep scene. After releases on institutions such as Deep Medi, System and ZamZam Sounds – Egoless is back for another 12” shell. Revealing the next masterpiece of the Croatian heavyweight, the prolific imprint welcomes its next family member and two mammoth tracks. From vintage FX to on-the-fly arrangements and live instruments – Egoless’ production style encapsulates the Jamaican roots, transferring its spirit into the modern era.

Heading straight into the abyss of ‘Decolonize’, we’re being greeted with tastefully overdriven tape hiss, obscured by reverb. Oriental, sitar-esque string plucks take form, wielding an increasingly inquisitive nature. Alongside the organic, percussive swing the string plucks cease for a moment – a fierce vocal statement excites the air as the full intensity of this sonic weapon hits the speakers and every last fibre in your body. The superbly orchestrated arrangement flows in a continuous groove, led onward by haunting surges and psychedelic flute arpeggios. On top of the stomping foundation, longing spheres conclude the anthem and leave us crave for a rewind.

Turning to ‘Global’ – the alarm bells of an apocalyptic future reverberate into to your ears. Gargantuan drone pulses lead the way for tribal, acoustic drums to stir the dance. A daunting swing hurls its monumental weight. Deeply imbued with rhythm – the meticulously crafted sound design leaves us dancing in awe. Life-like, vibrant flute performances form a harmonic composition of exceeding quality, sure to fire up any dance. Polished by creative vocal sampling and Egoless’ fine-tuned sense of controlling tension & release – these tracks will stand the test of time – for this year and beyond.

a. Egoless – Decolonize

b. Egoless – Global

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