ELEH – Living Space


Living Space
Lo, Fr Ega
Collect Yourself _/Well Arranged
Overt Too
Lighter Touch
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Following 'Slow Fade for Hard Sync' (2009) and Location Momentum (2010), Living Space is Eleh's third physical release for Touch. Seven years in the making, this new release consolidates the artist's parallel narrative between a series of vinyl and CD releases for Important Records ? where the emphasis is on a minimalist aesthetic ? to a visual counterpoint that hints at the cinematic and painterly qualities of the music. NOW AVAILABLE ON VINYL
Profuse apologies for the missing track, ?Lo, Fr Ega? on the vinyl edition of ?Living Space? (TO:114V). We have had numerous problems with vinyl releases in recent times, this one especially, which went through three test pressings and a re-cut. There was an especial problem with the modulating tones on the title track. There was a processing error between the cutting studio and the pressing plant at the final stage. We had already printed the covers, which were delivered shrink-wrapped, and we only discovered the problem after the edition had gone out to our distributors, Kudos and Forced Exposure. It?s not a perfect world, but anyone who has bought the LP and not the CD, we will happily provide a digital file of ?Lo, Fr Ega?