Emperia EP – Paul Roux


A1: Emperia
A2: Cosmic Blues
B1: Loveland
B2: Craft Control
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Track listing

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Alan Fitzpatrick’s record label We Are The Brave celebrate their 88th release with a stunning four track EP from French producer Paul Roux.

The Montpellier based artist makes his debut on We Are The Brave following releases on other influential techno imprints such as ARTS, Wide Division and Alan Fitzpatrick?s Apex Faction. Creating a stunning fusion of live instrumentation and electronic craftsmanship, he uses analogue textures and industrial percussion to create cinematic soundscapes with driving energy.

‘Emperia’ brings the energy with rave inspired synths and a computerised vocal that together create a dystopian vibe driven by a pounding kick drum. ‘Loveland’ has a fast-paced groove and explosive percussion that combine with poignant synth chords for an epic ending. ‘Cosmic Blues’ and ‘Craft Control’ are both best described as sunset techno due to their combination of melancholic atmosphere underpinned by rolling percussion to create a compelling dance floor experience.