ENDZ054 – Ben Rau


A1: Won’t Stop
B1: Drop The Bass
B2: I Luv It
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Born in Berlin, DJ, producer, and label owner Ben Rau has an unmistakable talent for getting to the wants and needs of the dancefloor. Having experienced the vibrant music scene of Berlin during the mid-’90s, Ben found himself at the heart of one of the most exciting periods in musical history. As the Berlin Wall fell, the city opened its arms to the sounds of house, techno, and trance, propelling Ben into a world of endless inspiration.

After also spending some time living in London, this EP combines the essence of his German roots with the energy of UK’s electronic music scene. He brings plenty of studio skill and musical creativity here, with three varied offerings. The EP opens with ‘Won’t Stop’, a powerful track infused with acid influences, headed by a ridiculously catchy vocal. Next up is ‘Drop The Bass’, a psychedelic, mid-tempo chugger adorned with rolling drums. Finally, ‘I Luv It’ closes with playful synth patterns tumbling down over invitingly warm deep house drums.

This is a chunky bass-filled EP, ready to do plenty of damage to any dancefloor.