Equinox II – Various Artists


A1: Umberto Vitiello & Donato Dozzy ? Peul (Dozzy Journey Remix)
A2: Ofofo ? Unlock The Future
B1: Diegors ? Lo Valledor
B2: Nicola Cruz ? Aima (Breaks Mix)
B3: Ubaruh ? Pinche Funky Disco
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Track listing


Multi Culti seasonal balance series continues with Equinox II.

The EP kicks off with a beautiful Balearic gem from Italian musician Umberto Vitiello paired up with the amazing Donato Dozzy. It?s a spellbinding journey, one sure to be cherished by Tuluminatti ?ritual? djs as well as authentic shamans around the world.

Ofofo flies solo on the positively-ebullient ?unlock the future,? striking a rare note of lightness in its sublimely ethereal groove. Instant sunshine!

Flip it over for the funky, badass bassy bounce of the mighty diegors, a name not heard enough since his glory days on early comeme. He?s back in top form and this one is an effortlessly cool slice of groove.

Next up, Multi Culti wizard Nicola Cruz delivers a breaks mix of previous cult single Aima. It?s a wiggly modular fun-fest that showcases his endless evolutionary bloom as a super-producer.

Finally, a brand new project from Brazil?s Philippi (of deewee and fatnotronic fame). Ubaruh is an anthem designed for Mexican nu-disco dancers. Pinche funky disco!