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NuNorthern Soul may be Ibiza-based, but the label?s connections with Nottingham run deep. Over the years, Phil Cooper?s imprint has offered up countless releases and remixes from some of the East Midlands? city?s most Balearic-minded residents, including Crazy P?s Jim Baron, Is It Balearic? chiefs Coyote and, most recently, Constellations Workshop associates Brown Fang.

You can also add to that list Torn Sail, a collaboration between Brown Fang members Jon Thompson and Henry Scott, and another Notts-based NuNorthern Soul contributor, Huw Costin. The trio?s mesmerising ?Disconnected? recently featured on the label?s deluxe 10th anniversary vinyl box set and now they return with a single credited to both Brown Fang and Torn Sail ? the first such occurrence of that happening.

Those who heard Brown Fang?s brilliant mini-album, Sherwood Pines, will immediately feel at home. Both ?Exit? and ?Endless?, the two tracks showcased on this fine single release, feature the same gorgeous, slowly shifting fusion of sun-kissed electric guitar textures, ambient atmospherics and immersive, sunset-friendly sound design.

First up is ?Exit?, an undulating, slow burning delight where rising and falling electronic melodies and yearning, gently jazzy electric guitar motifs rise above a sparse, shuffling, subtly Latin-tinged drum machine rhythm and warming bass. Endearing, enveloping and endlessly attractive, the track seemingly blossoms in slow motion throughout its? three-and-a-half-minute duration, with additional musical elements presenting themselves as it progresses. Even by the trio?s high standards, it?s a magical composition.

On ?Endless?, the long-time collaborators explore their love of mind-soothing ambient soundscapes. Doffing a cap to the 1970s new age ambience of Steve Hillage ? whose distinctively languid, stretched out, effects-laden electric guitar solos were undoubtedly an inspiration ?Thompson, Scott and Costin deliver a becalmed and brilliant dream-scape full of hazy aural textures, drifting chords and gentle, eyes-closed vocalisations. It feels like a loved-up, smile-inducing evocation of the most visually stunning dawn you?ve ever ushered in after a night dancing under the stars.

Dr Rob, Ban Ban Ton Ton, Japan – Exit is a fine piece of pastoral kosmiche, but Endless is just magical.

Andy Wilson, Ibiza Sonica Radio, – Excellent collab – both tracks are great, look forward to playing outdoors!

Bill Brewster – EXIT is excellent.

Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy – I like both of these.

Macca, One Glove, NTS radio – Loving Exit. Another great meeting of minds.

Pete Herbert, UK – EXIT is superb!

Chris Coco, UK – Very nice!

Jaye Ward, London, UK – Super deep! EXIT is amazing, lovely and rolling. The vocals that just drift on ENDLESS are beautiful reminds me a bit of Alan Stivell, ace all round!!

Leo Zero, London, UK – EXIT is wonderful, love the Jean Michael Jarre’esq finger snap and overall vibe… I’m getting shades of China Crisis meets Vangelis…. 1000 Balearic points! 10/10

Nick Warren, UK – Two lovely pieces of music!

Mike Salta, Music For Dreams, Denmark – Ming, Claude and Huw makes a supreme team, and their superior way with acoustic instruments and vibes are as lovely as ever. When listening to Exit, feeling the fragile vibe unfolding into a strong warmth and gratitude, it makes one go for the replay button instantly…

Stuart Patterson, Faith, UK – digging EXIT for some pre sunset beach time bliss!

Eddie C, Canada – Love it!!!

David Pickering, One Million Sunsets, Manchester, UK – Both excellent tracks, early morning mood music, will be playing both x

Ken Fam, Cafe Del Mar, Ibiza – Lovely stuff again from Fang & Sail

Bruce Tantum, Mixmag, USA – Simply beautiful – loving both sides of this!

Nicka Kirstejin, Stella Polaris Festival, Denmark – sounds cool – will need to download and listen in context.

Marshal Watson, USA – I love them both. Wow, what a gorgeous release! Really beautiful work.

Chris Howler, Balearic Breakfast show, 1BTN, UK – Loving both of these!

Ben Davis, Paperecordings, UK – It’s a dream ticket! Endless the one for me though, full support on Paper Air Waves.

Myclick, Radio 1, Prague – OMG! So perfect balearic tunes… So much love this atmosphere and arrangements. This is it! Winter is not bad with you. 🙂 Next sunday ?EXIT? in our radio show Fluffy Clouds. We must play this beauty! We must! 🙂 Big Up! & cheers from Prague!

Danielle Moore, Crazy P, UK – Love this! What a collab.

Chris Tubbs, New Zealand – Really beautiful. ENDLESS just hits the spot for me especially.

Manu Archero, Italy – Super cool Balearic / Ambient. I love Exit.

Dave Howell, Music for Beaches, Sydney, Aus – More wonderful, happy head-nod from NNS, Brown Fang & Torn Sail. EXIT gets my vote, it’s a grower!

Billy Scurry, Ireland – EXIT is beautifully crafted, gorgeous!

Ed Mahon, Cowbell Radio, UK – Lovely sounds, both tracks very blissful. The only problem I had with ENDLESS was that it ended too soon ironically, I could listen to that for a long long time! Something about it reminded me of KLF Chill Out and I was certainly starting to drift away like I used to when listening to that LP all those moons ago! Definitely featuring both tracks on the radio and both straight in to the Summer Sunsets playlists too.