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Gh0st I
My Grip, Your Neck
Gh0st II
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Salem Rashid Skourlis, a human artist and composer, defies limits to manifest his solo project ?fatalism.? Drawing inspiration from personal experiences with paganism, pacifism, and immigration, fatalism intertwines otherworldly sounds and post-industrial landscapes. His work, relentless and self-sufficient, illuminates a foreboding future. Founder of @bedouinrecords, he has captivated audiences worldwide in prestigious venues like Berghain, Berlin and KGR(n), Tokyo. fatalism?s forthcoming debut album, ?fatalism:Gh0st,? explores human escapism and the power of music to transcend societal confines. Currently based in Bangkok, Salem continues to forge sonic journeys, prepare film soundtracks, and embark on a solo tour for the release of his new album.