Filter Dread – Space Beams EP
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Filter Dread – Space Beams EP

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Filter Dread – Space Beams EP


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Filter Dread - Space Beams EP

Release Date: 10th June 2022

After we carried Ice Rave back in 2019, Sneaker Social picks up more coded sequences from Filter Dread’s outpost and transmutes them to wax for the good of the dance. 

From obfuscated tapes of post-rave skits to slick and grimey bangers, there’s something slippery about the way Filter Dread operates, and it’s led to a highly individual discography that spans 10 years and labels like Ramp, Unknown To The Unknown, Fresh 86 and No Corner. His sound has a stark immediacy that revolves around sampling – just watch him work a live set on his Digitakt and you’ll understand everything. Through simple approaches comes the flexibility to glide between styles, displaying a virtuoso affinity for grime, jungle, dancehall and plenty more, with the means to put his own stamp on everything he touches. 

On this new 12” we get six new slabs which slip between rave touchstones with poise, marrying up garish square wave womp with something akin to electro, slipping down into a more overtly grime-licked swerve, nodding to the early sublow days on ‘Asid 88’ and generally doing mad things with gargantuan bass and tuff, deadeye drums, It’s moody in a truly UK, spliff-friendly tradition, but it’s also plenty playful, with enough freakiness to get limbs loosened and a little heat up inside the place.

a1. Filter Dread – Talk All Low

a2. Filter Dread – Underwave

a3. Filter Dread – Space Beams

b1. Filter Dread – Asid 888

b2. Filter Dread – Ghost Square

b3. Filter Dread – Data Temple

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