Fine Line – Alex Lentini & STOMP BOXX


A1: Solstice
A2: Split the Noise
B1: Azimuth
B2: Equimulate
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Track listing


Alex Lentini & STOMP BOXX return to Drumcode following January?s outstanding contribution ?Natural Desire?.

The release marked the first in 2021 for the label and perhaps, fortuitously, their follow up ?Split the Noise? marks the final on Adam Beyer?s imprint for the year, reinforcing the respect the DC boss has for the Italian pair and their developing studio talents.

?Split the Noise? EP continues their creative, multi-faceted production approach. ?Solstice? is a distorted concoction of bass and techno, abrasive and beautifully eerie.

One for the winter warehouse season ahead. ?Azimuth? is an intergalactic trip to the moon and explores the more experimental side of techno, while having enough streamlined drive to move the dancefloor forward. ?Equimulate? works through a range of perky moods before a rasping bottom appears and propels the track into brain spangling territory.

The title track is an immersive weapon that sucks you in via knife-sharp percussion, spit-fire effects and a ripping Reese-inspired bassline. A full assault of noise and delicious bass that takes no prisoners.