Flunk – Cover Ups, Vol 1 & 2


True Faith
See You
Only You
Make It Good
Femme Fatale
Last Word
Silent Night
Wish Upon A Star
I Don't Wanna Talk About It
Golden Brown
Cigarette Burns
Cherry Came Too
Karma Police
Two Icicles
Sound Of Silence
Speed Skating
I Get You
Your Koolest Smile
Under The Covers
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The Cover Ups vinyl edition is a double LP consisting of the first Cover Ups (digital only release 2016) and the new Cover Ups 2 (released April 2023).
Recorded mostly on Flunk's annual Christmas parties, "julebord" in Norwegian, with a big dinner and plenty of drinks, rounding off with an acoustic recording of a favourite cover version.
Cover Ups / LP1 consists of coversongs from New Order, Yazoo, Depeche Mode and Fink.
Cover Ups 2 / LP2 consists of coversongs from Rod Stewart / Everything But The Girl, Simon & Gafunkel, Jesus and Mary Chain, The Stranglers, Soft Cell and Radiohead, and some new acoustic versions of old Flunk-songs.
The acoustic downbeat version of Yazoo's "Only You" was featured on the Designated Survivor TV-series.