Fókus EP – Intr0beatz


A1: Concentrate
A2: Homage
B1: Use What U Got
B2: Dont U Ever
B3: Line
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Reykjavík’s finest export Intr0beatz is back on the SB label with 5 expertly crafted tracks for the heads that like it deep & bouncy. He’s back slicing and dicing samples over his trademark swung out rhythms like never before.

‘Concentrate’ is a dusty & nostalgic Deep House jam, with its MPC’d piano chords, swinging hats and vintage hip hop style hooks. ‘Homage’ is a soothing slab of House with slow filtering chords, crisp hats, deep subby bass & ethereal pads. ‘Use What You Got’ is a lesson in doing just that, doing what he knows best, how he knows best. Raw, bumpin’ rhythms back up crystalline synths that sparkle over cavernous bass. ‘Don’t U Ever’ takes a deeper dive with it’s low-passed lead humming along over phasing hats, chunky kicks and chopped vocals calling back to the days of Max Graef and Money $ex. Finishing up the EP is the sexiest cut ‘Line’ with chopped soul vocals echoing over deeply filtered chords and bass synth accents.

With the Fókus EP, Intr0beatz displays his deft touch and restraint as a producer to lock in a groove, craft a vibe and create an atmosphere that few can rival.

DJ Feedback:

Matthias Vogt – “Concentrate is my jam here. Great track, love it.”

Roberto Rodriguez – “Great EP once again!”

Severino Panzetta, Horse Meat Disco – “groooovy”

Kono Vidovic | Dirty Disco – “This EP is killing it! Awesome selection of tunes!”

Moment Cinetique – “Huge EP from one of our favs. Concentrate is superb.”

Robert Owens – “Cool tracks”

RaOuL – “Top release!”

Simon Caldwell – “Rock solid EP of deep driving house, nice and raw!”

Shur-i-kan – “Solid productions as always!”

Donald Shields – “10/10 – unbelievable”

Andreas Baumecker – “Solid House Ep. Love it!”

Steve Butler – “This is an excellent piece of work, great deep house. 5 grade A tracks on this EP. Can’t wait to drop this in a heavy system.”

Colin Dale (Wildlife AM) – “Love this EP. Great sounds!”