Forever – In Your Own Time


Depth Charge
Watch This
In Your Own Time
In Your Own Time
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?For his first EP in two years, and second release on Leicester?s Grade 10, Forever returns with a six track exploration of hazy, dub-inflected sounds entitled ?In Your Own Time?.

On the A-side, the tense atmospherics of ?Depth Charge? give way to the sun-kissed chords and dancehall-esque rhythms of ?Watch This?, finally being rounded off with the record?s title track – a sub-driven 7 and a half minute roller, where percussive patterns and dusty chords drift and weave amongst each other.

Side B continues on to more dub-leaning tracks, with ?Alpine? picking up the pace and echoing pulsing synths in to the abyss, followed by a drugged out ?Opioid mix? of the title track – a drum and bass combo sat somewhere between Memphis rap and classic soundsystem rumblers. Closing out the record is ?UR?, plunging in to the depths with sonar-like samples and echoing vocals like ghosts trapped in the machines.?