Frank Mcdonald – Night Moves


Night Moves
Bank Job
Zero Hour
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Dynamite is proud to unlesh, the second Dewolf delight….DYNAM7133 Frank McDonald & Chris Rae
Side One: Night Moves / Side Two: Zero Hour & Bank Job
Next up is Frank McDonald & Chris Rae here are 3 songs from the Night Moves album, Our opening track is Yes "Night Moves" a deep heavy groove, spooky, seductive and dreamy all at the same time, library music just gotta love it.
"Zero hour" – is a mid-tempo, spacey funky groove, just like a scean in a heist film. Tension, just holding the groove with Rhodes chords to thinken the vibe, Perfecto!!!
"Bank Job" – A super funky little mover, Drums Bass & Rhodes holding down another heist feeling.
x 500 vinyl copies only